Monday, January 6, 2020

Legalizing Horse Slaughter - 949 Words

People are curious. Its our human nature. Have you ever been curious about the meat you eat? Where it comes from, how it was killed, and is it safe to eat? In America we eat beef, pork, and poultry for the average everyday consumption. What about other countries, or other parts of the world? What do they eat? Your beloved pet, your furry companion, your best friend. Maybe your horse, perhaps. What is this horse slaughter that people are speaking of? Should it be legal? Yes. It should be legal with limits. It is most likely that anyone you ask about horse slaughter will have an opinion. Some strongly believe it is cruel, and inhumane, some believe it is for a good cause, or helping the world. Others just don’t know their facts, or don’t care either way. â€Å" Horse slaughter is the practice of killing and butchering horses for human consumption or animal foods manufacturing† ( Jeras, 1). A question often thought about is whether or not horse slaughter is humane. If you ask many people, they will say no. Why isn’t it humane? Here is a couple of things to know. Usually the conditions are unsanitary, and infected with disease. The horses could have injuries from minor to major from the ride to the slaughter house, or from entering the slaughter house. The horses could even have had injuries or health issues before loading into the trailer to begin with. It is definitely questionable as to whether anyone checks up on updated health check ups on the horses purchased in kill

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